5 Secrets to Quickly Connect with God (when you’re on the spot!)

In order to speak a word of encouragement (a prophetic word – what you sense God saying), we must connect to the Source of Blessing, the Living Word. When your mind is engaged in the task at hand, we want to sense His impressions. Here are five ideas on how to connect when you feel disengaged.

1. Enter into thanksgiving
Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving Ps 95:2a

Thanksgiving invites God’s presence. The very act of looking for something to be thankful for sends endorphins into your system. Being thankful will change your attitude, because you are focusing on the positive aspects of your situation or the uplifting characteristics of God. Begin a storehouse of appreciation.

2. Bring a song to remembrance that feels anointed (Spirit of the Living God )
Let us shout joyfully to Him with Psalms. Ps 95 2b
Find your favorite worship song. One that always brings you into the presence of God. Some songs seem to have that effect no matter when they are played. I like the song by JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise “Spirit of the Living God”. The lyrics start this way: Spirit of the living God
We affirm your presence here…To heal us and to deliver us, To fill us and to change us,
Spirit of God.” What song comes to your mind that touches you deeply so that you feel immersed in His Spirit?

3. Smile and start laughing – Your spirit will respond
In Your presence is fullness of joy; PS 16:11
A smile is contagious. Our brains are wired for positive emotions such as love, joy and peace. When your smiling face is seen by another a 1-1 brain connection begins. The receiver’s expression will mirror yours. You will see a smile returned to you. This can result in a chain reaction, spreading joy to others. Our “attachment light” turns on when we notice someone is glad to see me. One of the first emotions a baby experiences is joy. “Someone is glad to see me!” Jesus is full of joy. “God has anointed You With the oil of gladness more than Your companions.” (Heb 1:9)

4. Practice Shalom for the body (relaxing breathing techniques).
Our body, soul and spirit are interconnected. What affects one, affect them all. You notice when you are tired or not feeling well, it’s harder to “be happy”. When your body feels strong from an exercise session or a swim, your face glows, you have a feeling of accomplishment and your spirit is high. Relaxing breathing exercises such as Shalom for my body https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_h42NC5sFE affects your parasympathetic nervous system, which calms your body. When your body is at peace, your emotions calm down as well. Guess what your spirit does? It is open to peaceful thoughts from God.

5. Bring to mind a time you felt close to God
Many of you have experienced a time when you felt close to God. It may have been during worship at church. Maybe you were singing a song in private. Perhaps you were on a walk, enjoying nature and noticed the beautiful surroundings. Was it a colorful sunset? Was it fabulous cloud formations. Did you sense awe when you first drew near a huge mountain? It could be a newborn baby that gave you a sense that God was close. Find your scene. Picture it in your mind. Enter the picture and notice the details. What else was visible in the scene? Do you remember the sounds, smells and tactile sensations of the experience? Who else may have shared the experience? In this way, you increase the connection of God’s presence.

There are many more ways you can connect with God – through reading your favorite Bible passage, remembering a close friend, speaking in tongues, closing your eyes and picturing a loving God close to you, etc. When you connect, you will sense peace inside, a calm reassurance that everything is alright.

The next time you find yourself on-the-spot, give one of these secrets a try and then commit it to memory so you can retrieve it at a later time. You can build your own library of experiences and methods to re-connect with the One who loves you best.

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