Most of these ministries move in the New Testament Prophetic. Some also are excellent resources for Dream Interpretation.

Here are links to resources I recommend to grow in the prophetic (hearing God) and Spirit-led dream interpretation. Some of these folks I’ve either met in person or have heard at conferences I attended. These include John Paul Jackson, Kristi Graner, Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Doug Addison, Cindy McGill, Jerame Nelson, Luke Holter, David Wagner, Bobby Conner, Todd Bentley, Patricia King, Mahesh Chavda, James Goll. The others I only am acquainted with from online podcasts, books or articles.

Streams Ministries

Founded by John Paul Jackson, who is the best authority I know on Dream Interpretation and Hearing God. Most of those teaching Dream Interpretation were educated under John Paul, including Kristi Graner, Doug Addison and Cindy McGill whom I all met in person.


Kristi and Gary Graner run Dare To Believe Ministries out of Burnsville, MN. I know Kristi and Gary personally and have attended over a dozen classes and workshops.  I’ve also worked with Kristi at various outreaches in the community helping with Ancient Hebraic Dream Interpretation and Prophetic Ministry. Kristi is a licensed Streams Ministry Instructor. She knew John Paul Jackson in person and was ministering in India for Streams Ministries when he passed away.

Bill Johnson Ministries

Kris Vallotton

Kim Clement

Doug Addison

Doug produces online webinars frequently, which are more than worth the investment. He has a Daily Prophetic Word, which you can get via email. I’ve taken almost all his online training, including Crash Dream Course, and Tattoo Interpretation.

Cindy McGill

Cindy McGill focuses on reaching those who society often rejects. She runs a Freedom Lounge at Burning Man each year with a team of interns. Cindy describes her time as a student in John Paul Jackson’s “Understanding Dreams and Visions” live class (in person). She’s simplified dream interpretation. I recommend her easy-to-read book  What Your Dreams Are Telling You: Unlocking Solutions While You Sleep

It’s also available on Amazon and as an e-book.

Barbie Breathitt

Biblically based, Spirit-Led Dream Interpretation.  Barbie dives deep into this topic and has written several books on it.

Jeramie and Miranda Nelson

Luke Holter

David Wagner

Bobby Conner

Todd Bentley

Love Says Go

LoveSaysGo is run by Jason Chin who offers an Online Academy that teaches you how to operate in the supernatural.

Patricia King

Cindy Jacobs

Wesley and Stacey Campbell

Jane Hamon

Chuck Pierce

Dutch Sheets

Will Ford III

Mahesh Chavda

Mark Virkler


Identity Network

It’s Supernatural

The Normal Christian Life

This is the YouTube channel that shows on the street healing miracles in Australia.  My favorite episode is #6 which you can view here.

The Normal Christian Life contains episodes of Healing-on-the-Streets.  These are everyday believers who recognize Who lives inside them and what love in action looks like. Filmed in Australia these believers have a connection to Glory City Church and Pastor Katherine Ruonala Ministries.  Katherine is a worshiper who also operates in healing and prophecy. She also ministers at conferences all over the world.