June 2 [PTA] How I Hear God – Connie Marquette

Connie Marquette was our guest speaker. She shared her prophetic journey, the unique way she hears God and gave an impartation at the end.

Here is a summary of what Connie shared.

Presence:  Know He is always with you. Develop awareness of His presence with you at all times.  God help me recognize your presence.

Peace:  Be in a state of peace.  God, I need your peace.  You’ll have a sense in your spirit when there is peace.  I’m going to trust you to give me peace in this situation.

Faith – Heb 11:6  “Without faith it’s impossible to please God.” Co-labor with Him.  Believe regardless if you can find a Scripture verse  to back you up.  You may get it through your relationship with him or a living word.   Believe and receive or doubt and go without.

Love –  Love is key. Everyone needs and wants love.  “No one is ever at a place they don’t deserve love.” No one is beyond God’s love.  Receive His love.

Practice to get better:  Hebrews 5:14.   But solid food is for the mature, who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil.

—————— Practice time ———————

We then practiced “Hearing God” in the realm of emotions. Pairing up with a partner, we ask “God, give me a feeling for what you love about this person.”  See how you sense God’s response. Is it a physical feeling, an internal feeling or a “just know it” feeling?



5 Secrets to Quickly Connect with God (when you’re on the spot!)

In order to speak a word of encouragement (a prophetic word – what you sense God saying), we must connect to the Source of Blessing, the Living Word. When your mind is engaged in the task at hand, we want to sense His impressions. Here are five ideas on how to connect when you feel disengaged. Continue reading “5 Secrets to Quickly Connect with God (when you’re on the spot!)”

April 28 [PTA] Intermediate Training

This 2-hour class was a sample of Intermediate Training as implemented by Dan McCollam at “The Mission” in Vacaville, CA.  We pattern our training in a similar fashion.

Intermediate Prophetic Training Overview: Prophecy as a Life Skill

  • How can you expand your prophetic words beyond insight (present) into hindsight (Words of Knowledge) and foresight (Predictive).
  • Practice Words of Knowledge:  In which specific area do you shine? Where is your niche?
  • Gain a vision of where you can best make an impact in your sphere of influence.

The Basic Training lasts from 1 to 3 years depending on your Continue reading “April 28 [PTA] Intermediate Training”

Feb 24 [PTA] What is God Saying for 2018?

As a class we reviewed words from a variety of trusted prophetic voices.  This was an at-home assignment.  Here is a list of the articles we covered.  2018 Prophetic Links  Each group read 2 or 3 of these on their own and filled out a worksheet of highlights to report to the class.  The top link was from Sid Roth’s special show “2018 Prophetic Outlook with Chuck Pierce, Hank Kunneman & Rich Vera”.  That link is here.

The sound byte below contains a few clips from that special show.

The agenda for this class is here:  PTA Feb 24 2018-ADL.    Here are worksheets.  Use the 5778 Hebrew Meaning (the 70 and the 8 are important) to complete the worksheet.  The above agenda (PTA Feb 24,2018) shows examples of how I processed the meaning of the year.  Download both worksheets here:  [WKS]-What I sense God Saying for 2018 and here:  [WKS] Year 2018 – My Activation Plan.  

Running through this activity is well worth the effort even if it’s a while since Jan 2018.  God moves in seasons, so what begins in one year carries over for several more.



Oct 9, 2017 [PTA] Prophetic Words: 12 Ways to Receive, 5 Ways to Deliver

In this session of Prophetic Training and Activation, we described 12 ways to perceive a prophetic word. Each person has a primary way they hear God. It’s helpful to examine other ways that people hear from God so we can appreciate the variety of languages God uses when he speaks to us. You can also stretch your hearing muscles by practicing the ways not as common to you.  Below are the notes and the worksheet.  Read the notes, then fill in the entire worksheet.  Afterwards, check your worksheet against the notes.

12 Ways NOTES            12 Ways Worksheet

The purpose of “12 ways” is for you to identify the primary way you perceive God speaking to you.  You will want to increase your ability in this area and also practice hearing in the other realms.

Jesse and Nancy led activations.  We’ll post their worksheets here in the future.