Feb 24 [PTA] What is God Saying for 2018?

As a class we reviewed words from a variety of trusted prophetic voices.  This was an at-home assignment.  Here is a list of the articles we covered.  2018 Prophetic Links  Each group read 2 or 3 of these on their own and filled out a worksheet of highlights to report to the class.  The top link was from Sid Roth’s special show “2018 Prophetic Outlook with Chuck Pierce, Hank Kunneman & Rich Vera”.  That link is here.

The sound byte below contains a few clips from that special show.

The agenda for this class is here:  PTA Feb 24 2018-ADL.    Here are worksheets.  Use the 5778 Hebrew Meaning (the 70 and the 8 are important) to complete the worksheet.  The above agenda (PTA Feb 24,2018) shows examples of how I processed the meaning of the year.  Download both worksheets here:  [WKS]-What I sense God Saying for 2018 and here:  [WKS] Year 2018 – My Activation Plan.  

Running through this activity is well worth the effort even if it’s a while since Jan 2018.  God moves in seasons, so what begins in one year carries over for several more.



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