5 Secrets to Quickly Connect with God (when you’re on the spot!)

In order to speak a word of encouragement (a prophetic word – what you sense God saying), we must connect to the Source of Blessing, the Living Word. When your mind is engaged in the task at hand, we want to sense His impressions. Here are five ideas on how to connect when you feel disengaged. Continue reading “5 Secrets to Quickly Connect with God (when you’re on the spot!)”

Prayer Is A 4-Letter Word

A 4-letter word for Prayer?  How about h-a-r-d? l-o-n-g? a  bore? a drag? a HAVE-to?
Is prayer supposed to be that laborious? It is a struggle or a joy for you? Let’s think about that. How do YOU explain prayer to a non-believer, or what is their concept of it? I expect a common explanation from a non-believer might be:
   “Talking to a non-existent spiritual being, who if He was present, couldn’t care less about us.  If there is a God, it’s an energy force. It God is a person, He doesn’t give a rip about us. He just created stuff & left the scene.”
Assuming God is personal and does care, we can communicate with Him. I sense we’ve heard this common definition of prayer:

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Three Steps to Conquer That Overwhelming Task

What is that one item on your “to do” list that you KNOW you should do,
but it keeps getting pushed down because it seems too overwhelming? It’s so BIG, that it’s fallen off your list, but lingers in the background, haunting you every day. Other duties and opportunities come up and they seem good, so you say “yes” to each one or engage in what’s in front of you, instead of what is most important. It’s called the tyranny of the urgent, which means you are putting the seemingly urgent matters first and neglecting what is really important.  What about the book you are supposed to write?  the blog you should start? the phone call you have dreaded to make?  the paperwork staring you in the face?
Here are three steps you can take to conquer that one daunting task. Give them a shot and see if you don’t succeed!

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