April 28 PTA Intermediate Training

This 2-hour class was a sample of Intermediate Training as implemented by Dan McCollam at “The Mission” in Vacaville, CA.  We pattern our training in a similar fashion.

Intermediate Prophetic Training Overview: Prophecy as a Life Skill

  • How can you expand your prophetic words beyond insight (present) into hindsight (Words of Knowledge) and foresight (Predictive).
  • Practice Words of Knowledge:  In which specific area do you shine? Where is your niche?
  • Gain a vision of where you can best make an impact in your sphere of influence.

The Basic Training lasts from 1 to 3 years depending on your Continue reading “April 28 PTA Intermediate Training”

5 Secrets to Quickly Connect with God (when you’re on the spot!)

In order to speak a word of encouragement (a prophetic word – what you sense God saying), we must connect to the Source of Blessing, the Living Word. When your mind is engaged in the task at hand, we want to sense His impressions. Here are five ideas on how to connect when you feel disengaged. Continue reading “5 Secrets to Quickly Connect with God (when you’re on the spot!)”