April 28 [PTA] Intermediate Training

This 2-hour class was a sample of Intermediate Training as implemented by Dan McCollam at “The Mission” in Vacaville, CA.  We pattern our training in a similar fashion.

Intermediate Prophetic Training Overview: Prophecy as a Life Skill

  • How can you expand your prophetic words beyond insight (present) into hindsight (Words of Knowledge) and foresight (Predictive).
  • Practice Words of Knowledge:  In which specific area do you shine? Where is your niche?
  • Gain a vision of where you can best make an impact in your sphere of influence.

The Basic Training lasts from 1 to 3 years depending on your understanding of where you need practice  to grow in the prophetic gifts. It emphasizes the 12 ways we hear God, the 5 ways to deliver a word, and the 3 ways we train.

In the Beginner (Basic) years, you take time to practice several of the 12 ways God speaks to us.  The four major categories are  Seeing, Hearing, Feeling and Perceiving.  Under each of these are sub categories of external (physical),  internal (gut /intuition), and spiritual (I just “know” inside).  Download the PDF attachment  PTA-Beginners 12 ways.

In the Intermediate years, you practice moving in “Times and Seasons” discover your sphere of influence.  Times refers to not only giving someone a word about their current condition  (insight), but also speaking to their past (hindsight) and future (foresight). You can do this in a few sentences.   See Activation #1 in the Intermediate Training download below.

Every person has a specific area where they shine in the prophetic. It is the conjunction of your geographic, sociographic and demographic areas.

Geographic is the location where you operate in your gift (city, state, country).  Sociographic relates to where in the 7 Spheres of Influence you are most effective.    Demographic is the type of people:  age, social status, financial level, educational level, race, culture, etc.

For details on our April 28 PTA (Prophetic Training and Activation) download or review these links:  A Taste of Intermediate Training.   Also listen to  the mp3 clips from Dan McCollam here:

and here:


Activation 1:  Times & Seasons – we did this 3 times

Activation 2: Words of Knowledge

We practiced giving 3 words of knowledge to our partner in the areas of Religion  (repeated 2 more times) and Family (3 times for this area as well).  Count the number of words of knowledge you got correct out of 3.  Then we applaud those who got none right, because we celebrate faith (taking a risk).

Class participants also took a 5 minute survey to capture what their interests are for future training.  This is available online. (TBA link).

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