hikers-1147796_960_720This website is created by me, Dan Lacine. Its purpose is to encourage people to view every day as an Adventure with God.  After an encounter in Lakeville in  2008, I began to observe life with new eyes.  I started seeing meaning in many every day events and to believe that “There is no such thing as a coincidence“.  There is no word for coincidence in Hebrew.  Instead of the word “coincidence”,  Hebrew writers use “mikreh”, which means “a happening”.  Everything happens by God’s permission or by Divine Providence. Events that occur in the natural world have a spiritual counterpart.  Another idea we will explore is how our Maker  communicates with us in many forms: through nature, people, inspirational thoughts, dreams, impressions and even man-made items. He uses: signs, numbers, colors, receipts, hotel room numbers, newspapers, and more to connect with us. I want to wet your appetite so you start discovering your own daily adventure with God.