Oct 9, 2017 [PTA] Prophetic Words: 12 Ways to Receive, 5 Ways to Deliver

In this session of Prophetic Training and Activation, we described 12 ways to perceive a prophetic word. Each person has a primary way they hear God. It’s helpful to examine other ways that people hear from God so we can appreciate the variety of languages God uses when he speaks to us. You can also stretch your hearing muscles by practicing the ways not as common to you.  Below are the notes and the worksheet.  Read the notes, then fill in the entire worksheet.  Afterwards, check your worksheet against the notes.

12 Ways NOTES            12 Ways Worksheet

The purpose of “12 ways” is for you to identify the primary way you perceive God speaking to you.  You will want to increase your ability in this area and also practice hearing in the other realms.

Jesse and Nancy led activations.  We’ll post their worksheets here in the future.

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